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LaTerria Sherer

LaTerria is the Managing Partner of The Sherer Law Firm. She is an experienced attorney focused on Family Law, Personal Injury, and Millennial Estate Planning. She created the Sherer Law Firm to protect her clients peace of mind and provide professional guidance while making their legal issues less stressful and easier to maneuver.  


LaTerria received a Bachelors of Art degree from Bennett College located in Greensboro, NC and she received a Juris Doctorate Degree from North Carolina Central University School of Law, located in Durham, NC. Soon after graduating from North Carolina Central University School of Law, LaTerria began to practice Family Law. While practicing Family Law LaTerria was able to represent clients  maneuvering through divorce, custody, child support, alimony, pre and post marital agreements, and domestic violence. It was then that she developed the personal goal to help people relieve the emotional stress associated with life’s challenges. She has carried that goal with her throughout life and now she carries that goal with The Sherer Law Firm where she prides herself on helping people get through challenging moments that hardship creates.


LaTerria has also represented homeowners and businesses alike through devastating losses and has experience dealing with insurance companies, and adjusters in such a way that promotes quick settlements. Although representing homeowners and businesses was something that LaTerria enjoyed, she felt like she could be doing more. Therefore, she began to focus on personal injury so that she can move more towards her goal. LaTerria has experienced, first hand, the negative effects of personal injury and the positive effects of having a great attorney represent you when dealing with a personal injury. She wanted to help others just as she was helped. So, she took her advocacy skills and her ability to dissect an insurance contract into the personal injury field. 


LaTerria believes that everyone, especially Millennials, should have an estate plan. She decided to focus on Millennials because they often do not realize the importance of a Will, Living Will, or Trust. As a Millennial and an attorney, with two young children, LaTerria has the knowledge and experience to understand how important it is to protect your family and the people you care about. Best of all, she knows how to evaluate her clients life situations and goals which in turn helps her create a plan that will best benefit and protect the parties. 


While working with LaTerria at The Sherer Law Firm she will make sure that your legal experience is one that will add value to your life by relieving pressure that can sometimes be caused by the legal process. Each client that she comes in contact with will have a tailored experience so that they are constantly reminded that they are valued and more than just a number.

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